Jan 23, 2020 - 03:17 AM
Car Wash

Car Wash Tokens

James P. Delaney currently maintains the Car Wash token catalog. The catalog itself is broken down in approximately 70 Microsoft word documents, including car wash tokens for:
  • Each U.S. state
  • Each Canadian province
  • Mexico
  • Foreign listings from 28 additional countries
  • Unidentified
  • Chain Stock Tokens
  • Manufacturers Stock Tokens
  • Token Manufacturers Stock Tokens
  • Token Manufacturers Samples
  • Types of Sofspra tokens.
  • Introduction, Forward, etc.

Information and reports of unlisted tokens will be gratefully received by James P. Delaney, and as time permits acknowledged. When reporting unlisted tokens, please write out an exact description: precise wording on each side with all punctuation, metal, and diameter in millimeters. Then also make a legible pencil rubbing and send it along. In this modern world of technology digital scans, copier, and photos are becoming so common if you can provide that it would be very helpful. All of this helps us avoid mistakes and makes a more accurate catalogue for all of us to enjoy.

Requests for the current catalog should be made directly to James P. Delaney. Please indicate if you would like a particular state, province, country, or the entire catalog, and remember to include your email address so he can reply!
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