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Vecturist.com FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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How much does it cost to join the American Vecturist Association?

Current American Vecturist Association dues are listed in the AVA Membership application

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What are the benefits of joining the American Vecturist Association?

When you join the American Vecturist Association, you will receive the monthly AVA newsletter (the Fare Box), be invited to the annual convention, become eligable to purchase AVA publications at discounts, receive a complete list of AVA members, and you will become eligible to receive new tokens mailed directly to you.

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What is the Fare Box?

The Fare Box is the monthly newsletter for the American Vecturist Association. In the Fare Box, you will learn about new tokens available, read stories about tokens, auctions, sales, want ads, and much more.

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Where is the Annual American Vecturist Association Convention?

The annual American Vecturist Association convention is held in a different city in the United States, usually in July or August. The next convention will be held July 31 through August 3 in Sacramento, California.

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Are there publications available to American Vecturist Association members.

There are a number of books available at a discount to AVA members. Details are available on the AVA Membership application.

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Will I get a list of AVA members?

All members of the AVA get a complete listing of all members of the AVA. This puts you in touch with fellow collectors around the globe.

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How can I obtain new Transportation Tokens?

All members of the AVA are eligible to join the AVA's New Issue Service. The New Issue Service makes new transit tokens as close as your mailbox, at very reasonable prices.

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What does the term Vecturist mean?

The word 'vecturist' is derived from the Latin word 'vectura', which means 'passage of money.'

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