Fred Sader

I live in Charlotte,  NC and have for the last 16 years.  Prior to that I worked for 27 years for a mill manufacturing company that produces cellophane and paper products.

Except for 2 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and about 6 months in Philadelphia, I have lived all my life in North Carolina.

Years ago, a nonprofit trolley museum discovered and rebuilt an old Charlotte trolley and started operating it on an out of service railroad line in Charlotte, and being interested in transportation, I started volunteering. 

I got interested in collecting transit tokens when I was asked by the museum curator to take over a collection of trolley tokens he had started for the museum which showed a number of cities across the country that had run trolley’s and used tokens.  I decided to add tokens from sister cities from around the world to the collection when I could find them. 

This eventually morphed into my collecting transit tokens and joining The American Vecturist Association.

I have two stepchildren and three grand Children.  I used to collect train, bus, and airline schedules when I was young and detailed city maps of places, I had visited. 

Being old school I still pick up some maps of cities i will visit on a trip before I leave. 

I am also a member of the Piedmont Carolinas Chapter, Inc., an affiliate of the National RailwayHistorical Society.  We meet once a month but have not been able to meet for the past 6 months. 

At 72 I am one of the young ones in the group.