What is the AVA?

  • The American Vecturist Association is an international non-profit society of transportation token collectors.
  • The AVA is the oldest American organization of token collectors, formed in 1948. We are a friendly, informal group with members throughout the U.S., Canada, and world-wide.
  • The word “vecturist” in the title of the Association is derived from the Latin word “vectura” which means “passage money.”

Current AVA Membership USA and Canada

What are the benefits of joining the AVA?

  • You receive a monthly publication called THE FARE BOX. THE FARE BOX is published by the AVA and is the only publication devoted exclusively to transportation tokens. This monthly newsletter has member news, stories about tokens, new token issues, auctions, sales, want ads and much more.
  • The AVA publishes several catalogs that cover transit, bridges and other transportation fares. These are available to members large discounts off the regular price. Also available are books covering car wash tokens and land company/ real estate tokens.
  • You are invited to the Annual AVA Convention usually held in August at a different location each year. These conventions include trading, buying and selling, tours, exhibits, swapping stories, auctions and a banquet.
  • You receive a complete membership list of all AVA members. This puts you in touch with fellow collectors around the globe.
  • You become eligible for the AVA New Issue Service, making most new transit tokens as close as your mailbox, at very reasonable prices.

AVA Constitution and Bylaws