New Issue Service

The New Issue Service

The New Issues Service is the easiest and least expensive method of obtaining newly issued transportation tokens from the issuing agencies. Each time new tokens are discovered and reported to the A.V.A. we make every effort to obtain a supply for the members of the N.I.S. Once the tokens are obtained, they are sent to N.I.S. members at the small markup of 15¢ above the acquisition costs, rounded up to the nearest nickel, plus postage and a 10¢ self insurance fee for each shipment. That results in a cost per token of less than the price of one postage stamp (plus the price of the token of course) to write the issuing agency to inquire about their newly issued token. We are not always successful in obtaining the new tokens, however, if we are not able to obtain the tokens, it is unlikely individual requestors would be either. The markup on tokens is, in part, used to offset costs of invoices, statements, address labels, padded mailers and other expenses associated with obtaining and shipping the tokens.

Each member is required to maintain a minimum deposit of $15.00, although the average N.I.S. member maintains a balance considerably higher, to avoid having to mail a check for deposit following each shipment receipt. These deposits are used to obtain the tokens for N.I.S. distribution. An initial deposit of $30.00 is suggested as the latest N.I.S. shipment will be supplied upon receipt of the deposit and that will still leave a balance large enough to insure receipt of the next shipment.

The full NIS Policy can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF document or as a Microsoft Word Document. Email us for more information.